What’s poppin, y’all!!! Check it: My book Once Upon A Time In Compton, co-authored with former gang unit detectives Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd about their wild and outrageous adventures during an epic 20-year era in the city of Compton is NOW AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIOBOOK, with yours truly (moi) narrating!!!

Spread the word! Give us a listen! We cover it all, from Tim and Bobby’s times with the members of N.W.A and DJ Quik to their involvement in the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations, and more!

Imagine my soothing, alluring, yet also 🔥🔥🔥 and EXCITING voice personally regaling you with this incredible tale.

You can turn me on and off at will. But you won’t (turn me off). You’ll wanna listen to me read to you FOREVVVVVVVAAAAH. And I’ll do it. Just for you. Because that’s how I am. Just press “play.” I got you, boo!

Available on Amazon (Audible) and iTunes RIGHT NOW. And don’t forget the paperback and Kindle versions – recently republished by Tim, Bobby, and me – are also available!

♫ Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Our Show Is…Tomorrow!!!♫

Can you hear me singing those words? Because I’m singing ’em. More like sangin’ ’em. Tomorrow – Tuesday, November 21, 2017, from 9pm-11pm both EST and PST (8pm-10pm CST) – our six-part A&E docuseries Who Killed Tupac? premieres with two episodes back-to-back.

I am beyond excited for everyone to see it. We went deep. We wanted answers. We wanted justice. We felt Tupac deserved the due process he never received. It’s been twenty-one years since his murder. The time for answers is now.

Check out this sneak peek from the series and be sure to tune in tomorrow night and for the following four weeks as it all goes down. Interact with me on social media. I’ll be talking about the show throughout its entire run (and, I’m sure, beyond). You can find me on Twitter at @lolitafiles, on Instagram at @lolitafiles, and on Facebook at

Check Out This Preview Of My Upcoming A&E Docuseries Who Killed Tupac?

We’re just shy of a month away from the premiere of A&E’s six-part docuseries Who Killed Tupac on Tuesday, November 21st, two days before Thanksgiving.

As I mentioned in a prior post, in addition to being a producer on the series, I’m one of the three investigators working with leading civil rights attorney Benjamin L. Crump as he seeks justice in this case that has remained unsolved for far too long.

I’m excited for you all to see the series. It will air over six weeks, so we’ll plenty of time to talk about it, which I’ll be doing on social media. (Links to me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are in right sidebar of this website.)

Check out the promo.

Once Upon A Time In Compton Wins Best Nonfiction Book!

So excited that my book Once Upon A Time In Compton

Once Upon A Time In Compton (Front)

…written with former Compton gang unit detectives Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd about their nearly twenty years working the streets of Compton and first-hand involvement with – among many moments in pop culture history – investigating the Tupac murder case, won Best Nonfiction book at the 13th Annual African American Literary Awards Show in New York City this past weekend.

My co-authors and I are thrilled about the win and how enthusiastic readers have been in their responses to our book. We’ve got more on the horizon for this story. We’ll keep you posted as things unfold.