Yeah, You Know What This Is…

…it’s a celebration, BITCHES!!!!!

Why? Because my brand new baby, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., is finally about to drop in the next few weeks. Ain’t it purty?

It’s been a year-and-a-half since my last book, Tastes Like Chicken, which was part of a continuing series featuring popular best friends, Misty Fine and Reesy Snowden. And while I do enjoy writing the Misty/Reesy books, the stories I most immerse myself in tend to be more complicated on many levels, particularly in the areas of life and death and the human struggle. I’m drawn to examinations of the darker side of existence, where some characters wrestle with their morality, while others don’t even think twice about causing harm in the pursuit of satisfaction and self-elevation. That, to me, is the stuff of compelling storytelling, the stuff that makes you think. It’s the stuff of real life. I never sacrifice the entertainment factor, though. It’s important to me to keep the reader engaged all the way. Thus my new novel is a twisted animal unto itself, far far removed from the worlds of Misty and Reesy, much like my fourth book, Child of God—the film rights of which, by the way, were recently optioned by this guy:

So I’m happy, BITCHES—and I use that term as an endearment, with the utmost love and respect. It’s the holidays, it’s a party, and my new book is my Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chrismukkah, and New Year’s present to you. I bled into it, wrote myself sick and silly. The wonderful team of people at my publishing house, Amistad/HarperCollins, have made bringing this book to life an absolute dream. They’ve been creatively and enthusiastically behind me every step of the way, making me feel as though I’d written something truly wonderful, and I believed them, which is why I can’t wait to share it with you. The book also recently got a really cool mention in a full page article on glam lit in the Wall Street Journal. Good times, y’all, good times.

For the rest of the month (and beyond), I’ll be blogging about the book, along with random other things that cross my mind in the moment. I’ll share sneak peeks and sound bites (yes, sound bites! this book comes with its own soundtrack of music inspired by the characters, with real artists doing real songs on a real cd produced by super-duper hitmaker Al “Butter” McLean). There’ll be audio of sample chapters read by popular actors. I’ll give you the heads-up on tour dates and scheduled appearances. Because I want EACH OF YOU to party with me. Stop by this blog as often as you like. I’ll be updating it very regularly. Feel free to post comments. Tell your friends. Spread the word. It’s a celebration, BITCHES!!!!! Grab a drink, grab a glass…

HarperCollins: Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: A Novel News & Updates: Al “Butter” McLean

10 thoughts on “Yeah, You Know What This Is…

  1. >Yo Lo,This is Darren Coleman, your labelmate at Amistad/HC. Checking in to shout you out and congratulate you on all of the wonderfull things you have poppin'. I'm wishing you nothing but the best in 06' and continued success. Representing the brothas, I do have to say though that I am not at all bothered by Mariah's growing set of twins. To each their own. They actually make me feel all warm and cuddly inside. Don't think for a second if men could fix anything about themselves they didn't like, endowment for instance, that they wouldn't hesitate. Ya'll would be sayin … "Look at that brother's print… he was not packing like that at the Vibe awards last year." Lastly, I just want to say that I've been a fan of yours since 'Scenes from a Sistah' and will continue to support, even though I can get your books for free now! LOL. Stay UP!


  2. >Darren!!Thanx for busting my blog cherry by being the first one to comment!! Guess that makes us more than just labelmates now, huh? (wink,wink)Oh, and when you find out more about those endowment enhancements for men…please, please, please, promise me you'll send the info and I'll make sure to post it, IN BOLD, at the top of this blog as a link. You'd be doing a tremendous service to womankind. Really.(…still can't believe you fell for Mariah's gargantuan floataways like that…)


  3. >You go girl! You know I'm proud of a sistah…not only are you a talented writer, now you can add master blogger to your list! Great job, on the spectacular new book (yeah…I did say spectacular – I read it, I loved it and I applaud it) and the hot new blog.Hugs and Love!


  4. >Yo Lo what's up Queen, this is Jihad. Your blog is off the heazy. So I see you done came all the way out the closet and shown everybody you are an insane genius. I'm mad as a motha fucka though cause everybody done read your new Funk but me. As for my future baby momma's growing twins, I think it's fucked up cause I'm gon' end up having stretch marks on my jaws. Love and Life QueenJihad


  5. >Jihad!!!So good to see you posted!! I'd heard rumors of you checking out the blog. I could only hope that they were true. So glad you're checking out the insanity with me. It sucks being crazy alone. I'm taking errybody down with me!!Love ya. You my real peeps.Lo


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