Eat, Drink, Laugh, Dance, and Be Way Too Damn Merry.

If you’re anywhere in the Los Angeles area, do yourself a favor and traipse over the hill and check out this supercool spot in Sherman Oaks.

L’Kesh Cafe has jazz on Saturday nights, comedy on Thursdays, and ridiculously delicious food six days of the week (except Mondays, dammit!). Check out the website. Every time I do I start licking the screen.

Run on over there and snatch yourself up a meal if you get the munchies. Not that you’d have the munchies munchies. I’m just sayin’. Not that there’s anything wrong with having the munchies munchies. Well, legally there is. In this country anyway. But I hear Amsterdam is cool. But there’s no L’Kesh Cafe in Amsterdam, so you should just get your butt over to Sherman Oaks. And check out some comedy while you’re there, because from what I also hear, people with the munchies always like to laugh.

L’Kesh Cafe: The Southern Supper Club

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