America’s Next Top Rehab Patient.

How long will it take for Nicole to crack up and become cracked out once she realizes that she’ll never really be the next Giselle or Naomi? Top Model is just the title of the show, and it’s an overhyped title at that. Eva Pigford‘s the only one to truly spin the opportunity off into something halfway decent. Oh, and the girl from season one. Yeah. She was a real showstopper. Ended up on The Surreal Life and then became engaged to, and is possibly marrying, fellow cast member Christopher Knight (aka “Peter Brady”) on yet another train wreck of a show.

Besides, we all know the other Nik should have won. She was an Angelina Jolie-meets-Lisa Bonet dark horse (save the puns, please) who came out of the shaky distance and proved herself to be more than worthy of the crown.

I think Tyra was just scared to have three “blackish” women win in a row (remember Naima won last season, right after Eva). Maybe Ms. Banks thought it would appear racially-skewed and also seem as though she was picking girls who looked like her, although I always thought Naima looked more like a bronze Winona Ryder than anything.

The choice between Nicole and Nik should have had nothing to do with race, and who’s to say it did? Maybe Nicole was the better girl of the two (yeah, right). And Tyra’s trying to appeal to a broader, mainstream audience of young girls (then what the hell am I doing watching the damn show?), so I guess she must tread lightly to appear fair and balanced.

Screw that. Next time, Tyra, just go with your instincts. White people having been winning things more than three times in a row for years. Haven’t you ever seen The Apprentice or the presidential race? America’s Next Top Model

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