Flames In Heaven.

Every time a celebrity couple comes together, an angel’s wings catch on fire.

You can blame the newest burnt angel on this freaknasty couple. This weekend Page Six reported that red-hot up-and-coming face suckers actors Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, onscreen lovers in the super-saccharine chick flick The Notebook, are actually bumping uglies dating for real.

Page Six says…

With all the celebrity break-ups sweeping showbiz circles, we’re happy to report on what looks like a blossoming romance between Hollywood hotties Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

Although representatives for both Gosling and McAdams refused to confirm whether they’re hot and heavy, the duo have been spotted engaging in all manner of couple-like activities, from grocery shopping a deux, mutual dog-walking and even sharing a 48-ounce steak at a Morton’s in Nashville.

Yeah, Sixies, you may be gushing over these two sizzlebots and the adorable way they share bloody meat, but who sheds a tear for the frying angel upstairs? Does anybody down here even care? Don’t these people know that you shouldn’t shit where you eat? Somebody needs to put a stop to all these incestuous celebrity hook-ups, before heaven is filled with nothing but a bunch of burnt-back saints.

Source: Page Six

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