Somebody Please…Make Me Understand (Part 1).

This is a post that I plan on featuring from time-to-time, whereupon I’ll pose a question regarding those things in life that I just don’t get. Perhaps one of you will have an answer for me. Maybe there’s more than one answer. I’m a germophobe so all this just boggles my mind. Maybe you can just make me understand.

And now for my first question. We’ll file this under…“A$$, with a side of lobster”:

[click image to enlarge]

“Why do men eat in strip clubs?”

Is the food really that good? Does seeing exposed flesh make you hungry? Aren’t you afraid something might jump off that naked chick onto your plate? Are you sure that steak is really au jus or are those drippings from somewhere else?

So many questions…

Okay, I’ll leave it to you to help me wrap my brain around this. Please share. You can post your responses in the comments section, but I would prefer for you to send your answers…or wild stabs…to me at (there’s also a link to e-mail me on the left side of this blog). I’ll collect the best responses and post them here. And don’t worry, people, I’ll maintain your anonymity. I’m just looking for answers to the mysteries of life.

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