How cool is THIS? Kill Bill star Daryl Hannah is creating an amazing new line of fashion accessories: faux insects that can be fastened onto various parts of the body for dramatic effect. The first piece to be introduced is a tiny bejeweled tick that Daryl herself sported on her back at Hollywood’s fabled hotel, the Chateau Marhuh? What? What’s that you say? Oh. You mean it’s not a line of fashion accessories? What? That was a real tick she had on her back? Gitdafugout!!

This weekend’s Page Six reports:

DARYL Hannah may have Lyme disease. The leggy actress, wearing a backless top, was having lunch with pal Christine Peters at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. last week when Peters noticed a tick on Hannah’s back. Worse, there was a red ring around the tick, a telltale sign of the disease. When Peters told Hannah she had to see a doctor, Hannah said, “But I have to go to Cambodia tomorrow!” Our source explained, “Daryl is doing a documentary about prostitution and underage sex workers in Cambodia.” At Peters’ insistence, Hannah backed down. She put the tick’s body in her pocket and said she would take it – and herself – to a doctor before leaving for Cambodia.

Note to self: Always keep a pair of tweezers and some alcohol swabs in my purse so I can pick ticks off my friends when the moment requires. Fortunately, I don’t hang with ticktastic people. Even my four dogs roll tick (and flea) free.

New York Post: Page Six

2 thoughts on “Ticktastic.

  1. >Aww, I was so excited to think that I could buy fake exotic bugs and wig out the co-workers and family members… they would've made great holiday gifts!!


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