We Been Had!!!

Lies!!! Lies!!! It was all a big lie!!!

There are no Dark Crusaders. No black elite getting in the huddle, strategizing how to terrorize those who refuse to present blacks in a positive light.

Nobody’s watching us. Nobody cares. It was all a ruse, a marketing ploy to promote Chappelle’s writing partner Neal Brennan‘s upcoming movie The Chappelle Theory Exposed, starring Charlie Murphy.

I’m so angry. Simply fuming. I was excited (albeit frightened-yet-oddly-encouraged in a desperately-needing-an-authority-figure kind of way) at the thought of phantom eyes monitoring my use of the N word, how much fried chicken I ate, and the amount of Ultra Sheen Cosmetics I put in my hair.

Damn you fakers!!! Damn you to hell!!!

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