Oprah Makes Santa Claus Look Like Sh*t.

What a great best friend Oprah is!!!

Alright, so that’s not news. For the past twenty years, we’ve witnessed what a loyal best friend she is to Gayle King, and Gayle to her. The two are poster girls for sisterhood and the true camaraderie that can exist between women. But apparently Ms. Winfrey has taken things a step further. She’s not just looking out for her friend’s well-being, she’s also taking care of her heart, having reportedly hand-picked her friend a man:

Per Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher column in yesterday’s New York Daily News:

A source close to the best buds say that the queen of talk has hooked King up with none other than one of her other pals, gospel star BeBe Winans.

“Gayle and BeBe have known each other forever. But Oprah figured that since both are divorced and looking to date, why not date each other?” the source tells us.

After King spends time with her kids and ex-husband in Connecticut, she and Winans will meet up with Winfrey and her boyfriend, Stedman Graham, at the talk-show host’s Santa Barbara estate, where they plan to ring in the New Year together.

Now I don’t know if any of this is true because it came from a gossip column, and we know how they do. But if it is…great job, O!!! BeBe’s a cutie and he’s man of God. He’s got his own thing and he’s quite successful at it, so Gayle doesn’t have to worry about him being all threatened. Ms. O., when you look out for a girl, you reallllly look out for a girl!!!

See…why couldn’t Oprah have been my best friend? No offense to my current friends…I love y’all dearly…but, well, you haven’t exactly been forthcoming with gifts like these. A couple of you have, but those gifts turned out to be kinda shaky. Fun for a bit, but eventually wack.

In the future, if any of you are considering matching me up, just use this as your guideline: WWOD (What would Oprah do?). We should probably be saying that anyway in regard to everything in our lives. The woman is as powerful and magnanimous as the Pope, and way more practical. The Pope’s not a matchmaker. If it were up to him, our private parts would dry up and rot off. That’s not very nice, Your Pope-i-ness. We’re only human, after all. WWOD?

New York Daily News – Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher: Oprah pushes BeBe love for pal
The BeBe Winans Radio Show

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