The Only Kind of Whoopie I’m Makin’.

Yup. A pie, people. So sad.

I read about these whoopie pies in an article in The New York Times, and like the true orally-fixated glutton that I am, with no control over even the most basic food impulses, I immediately wanted some. This is the part of the article that got me:

Gradually, she expanded the selection of flavors, going from traditional chocolate devil’s food with vanilla cream filling to cake flavors like strawberry, pumpkin and oatmeal cookie, and fillings with peanut butter cream and raspberry.

“I didn’t invent the whoopie pie, but I like to take something and make it better, then make it great,” Ms. Bouchard said.

So I commenced to Googling (surprisingly, the Times didn’t list the website for the company), and I found Wicked Whoopies and ordered myself a grip of these bad boys right away.

I got some Whoop-de-Doo’s too. I’m not even a big fan of chocolate, but I stared at this picture so long, I temporarily became one.

I expect to be makin’ whoopie real soon. With a pie. So sad.

Wicked Whoopies
New York Times – One Bakery Owner’s Dream: Taking Whoopies to the World

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