>Things That Make Authors Cry

>The following was in last night’s Publisher’s Lunch Deluxe, an online newsletter whose sole purpose is to make authors see how much they suck compared to other authors, and to show how much those other authors are getting in deals so that the authors who suck can, in turn, torment their had-it-up-to-here agents who’ve been contemplating dropping them for the past six months because they do, in fact, suck:

Diane Setterfield’s debut THE THIRTEENTH TALE, about a reclusive novelist, to Jane Wood at Orion, in a major deal, reportedly for about $1.4 million, for two books, for publication beginning in September 2006, by Vivien Green at Sheil Land Associates. A US auction is coming soon.

Across the country, legions of struggling authors who had rice cakes for dinner simultaneously cried and dreamed. Then they put the twistie back on the Quaker rice cake bag, lest the urge to eat a second rice cake hit them, thereby bankrupting their food supply for the rest of the month.

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