>Totally Predictable

Jamie Foxx’s new cd came out swinging, racking up 128 BILLION sales in its first week of release, second only to the 58 TRILLION Mary J. Blige moved of her new cd.

Per Rolling Stone:

R&B star Mary J. Blige hit a runaway career high during a strong final week of holiday shopping when her latest studio album, The Breakthrough, sold a massive 727,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Blige’s third Number One on the pop chart, her new effort moved nearly three times the number of copies in its first week in stores than any of her previous CDs — including her last chart-topper, 2003’s Love & Life. Also making big waves this week as one of only a handful of major year-end releases was Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx’s musical debut, the R&B album Unpredictable, which features guest spots from hip-hop superstar Kanye West, Twista, the Game, Ludacris, Common and Snoop Dogg. The Ray star’s first time out moved a seriously impressive 598,000 copies to take second place.

Alright, so I exaggerated a little, but that’s how we do it up in this piece…my piece, I might add. My rules. My distorted facts. Still, no matter how you do the math, Jamie rocked that shit, even though it wasn’t a surprise. Not to me, anyway. The title cut, Unpredictable, is sexy as hell. So far my favorite joint, however, is Extravaganza. It’s about Jamie and his boys doing what they do best: getting their mind-numbing party on, plowing through much liquor, weed, and stank-ass hoes along the way. It’s fun and it’s funny, and the flow is just sick.

Cop this joint if you don’t have it yet. Legally. At the store. Or through iTunes, or whoever’s selling it online.

You won’t be disappointed. Jamie’s got chops and the cd’s jam-packed with delicious, “alright, just f*ck me already” grooves. And it doesn’t hurt having Kanye along bringing great production value and added fun.

Rolling Stone: Blige, Foxx Conquer the Chart
Amazon.com: Unpredictable

One thought on “>Totally Predictable

  1. >The difference between Seattle and San Francisco: I'm in Seattle for the holidays and want to take Lo's advice and check out these two CD's (even though the site of Mary's new face that looks disturbingly like 'Lil Kim's new face has me totally turned off). So I walk into the huge Barnes & Noble next to the Merrill office in Bellevue and go to the music section. As I walk in, I see all kinds of NEW RELEASES; Jessica Simpson, Green Day and Sheryl Crow are spread all over the place. Nary a black face to be found anywhere in the racks… Hmm… I finally find the TINY "Soul" section – a whole two bins wide – and spot poor Jamie in the featured CD's. No Mary J. anywhere… OH, at least they have her listed under the "B's" and they do have ONE COPY of her new CD! At the Tower Records in Oakland, 200 copies of each would smack you in the face the second you walked through the doors. One other small problem; At B&N they are both priced at $18.99! Yikes! I go ask the guy behind the counter (who looks like he is a laid off code debugger from Microsoft) if "Members" of Barnes & Noble Discount Club get a better price and he says, "10% off" – OH BOY! I tell him I think I'll wait to download them from iTunes for (probably) $10.99, and he replies "Yes, well what you're paying for here is the ambiance and really knowledgeable people." I say "Thanks" as I think to myself, if I want ambiance, I'll go to a cosy restaurant, and the people who work in these stores are anything but knowledgeable! And if iTunes doesn't have them, Amazon does for $13.99 for Jamie and $10.96 (?) for Mary J.


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