>Why Bloggers Are Going To Hell

>While reading Defamer.com, run by the triple-forked tongued, no-shame-in-his-game gossip golden boy Mark Lisanti, I came across the following from his more than able-bodied associate editor Seth Abramovitch, who must be holding down the fort during the holidays. Words in bold are my emphasis:

For those of you who care not to get crunk with Erik Paladino on the Paramount lot, nor does the thought sound appealing of watching Dick Clark pretend he didn’t have a stroke as Ryan Seacrest, his frosted-haired, dwarf replacement, stands at his side, eager to snatch the Rockin’ Eve baton from his now perma-clenched hands[…]

ROFL!! ROFL!! ROFL!! ROFL!! OMG!! I’m drowning in a river of my own sick tears of hilarity!!

I’m going to hell just for laughing at that shit. Madness, it’s madness, I tell ya. “Perma-clenched hands.” What will you crazy kids think of next?

Defamer.com: A Read Along New Year’s With Carson Daly
Los Angeles Magazine.com: The Big Mocker

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