Ride This Show ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off.

Did y’all see Rollergirls last night? It debuted on A&E at 10pm. It’s not like it hasn’t been hyped to death. The girls (er…if ya wanna call ’em that…) were on The Today Show yesterday morning showing Katie how to do the do (Katie was even on skates!), and this past weekend, during a marathon showing of what must have been 48 hours of the show 24, every. single. commercial was for Rollergirls. I was watching that marathon showing of 24, so I got beat across the face with Rollergirls promos. By the end of the weekend I knew the girls by heart (whether I wanted to or not).

I gotta tell you, people…this just might be my new guilty pleasure. Watching it made me feel like maybe my life is not so stupid. These chicks are wild. Imagine Making The Band meets the WWE meets…I don’t know…a has-been cheerleader convention meets Trailer Park Bitches Gone Wild. It’s an all-out skate wreck, which is smaller than a train wreck, but just as hard to look away from.

Per The Seattle Times:

“Rollergirls” never feels formulaic or as if it’s striving too hard to sell us. The off-screen interviewing must have been skilled, because the women appear relaxed and pretty uncontrived, despite those few inevitable moments of self-awareness for the camera.

Or maybe the producers and director just know they have a good thing. Episode 1 juxtaposes two women from rival teams, the Rhinestone Cowgirls and the LPDF (whose full name can’t be spelled out here, but is aggressively female in the spirit of Bust Magazine).

One woman, whose competitor name is Venis Envy, is an art student entering roller-derby competition for the first time. The story pits her against a crafty, engaging veteran named Lux — the old-good-girl-vs.-bad-girl setup.

Sounds juicy, doesn’t it. And guess what? …Wait for it…

It’s from the creators of Laguna Beach!!!!!!

It couldn’t get any better than this, people. Just imagine..it’s like Kristin and LC and Taylor and Alex and Jessica—minus all their money and big-ass cribs, with a dash of out-of-wedlock babies and abusive ex-boyfriends (and lesbian lovers) thrown in for wicked measure—backstabbing each other while teetering on wheels.

It’s one step shy of high school mean girls in a gladiator ring, duking it out. ON WHEELS!!! It’s dirty, it’s ridiculous, it’s impressive, it’s something I wish I had the stamina and physical fortitude to do.

They’ve even got a Rollergirls Store.

I just might have to rock me a Rollergirls baby tee and a “Fight Like A Girl” rubber bracelet. Who says I’m too old for this? If these grown-ass women with kids, ex-husbands, rap sheets, and years of bad debt can roll around on skates knocking each other over, then I’m not too grown to rock a baby tee.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the show. Trust me, I didn’t think I’d like it either. I thought it was going to be too WWE/Nascar/girl-on-girl for me…and it is. But I’ll be damn if it doesn’t work!! This, my friends, is Must-See TV. NBC could learn a thing or two from the folks at A&E. Then they might be able to get back into the ratings game.

This makes a sistah seriously wanna learn how to skate. With boys. If I’m gonna get knocked out, at least I wanna fall on something hard and worthwhile.

A&E.com: Rollergirls
The Seattle Times: A masterpiece of theater: A&E presents roller derby

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