Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Aspen Was The Place To Be…

Forget Green Acres. There were a chunka stars in Aspen once again, doing, natch, what stars in Aspen usually do.

Per Rush & Molloy’s gossip column in this weekend’s New York Daily News:

Don Johnson and wife Kelley celebrated the news of their third child…

…with a New Year’s Eve blowout. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have been working out at 6 a.m. at the Aspen Athletic Club. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld and Heidi Klum stopped by the Aspen Mountain Club. Rebecca DeMornay scouted jewelry at Dior. Robert Wagner and Jill St. John had lunch at Little Nell’s.

Ivana Trump came to Aspen without a man for the first time that anyone can remember. She and her mother went shopping at Dennis Basso, where Ivana spent $50,000 on two fur coats.

Stars. Seriously, folks, you can delude yourselves all you want…they’re so NOT like us. Not even a little.

New York Daily News – Daily Dish & Gossip – Rush & Molloy

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