>Fever For The Flavor

>Am I the only one watching The Flavor Of Love, VH1’s wickedly foolish hoodtabulous version of The Bachelor? Am I?

Is there something wrong for me for thinking that Flav might actually be a good catch?

A few of Flav’s girls, the Flavorettes, were actually crying because he cut them from the house. He must really have something. You know, something that doesn’t require a shot of penicillin.

I mean, he has been through rehab, after all. So he has a few kids. What’s the big deal about a babies mama(s) here or there? Everybody’s got a bit-a baggage.

Flav be looking mad sexy on that show.

Yup. I’m a writer, y’all. A FICTION WRITER.

VH1.com: The Flavor Of Love

3 thoughts on “>Fever For The Flavor

  1. >Did ya see that mess… This is pure comedy. They were actually crying because flav didn't pick them.. But here is the funniest part of all…. they think Flavor Flav has money. How funny is that!!!!


  2. >are you serious?….i didn't see the show, but if fine women were crying over flav's ass, there's hope for the black man! rich, poe, in-between.


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