Found: The Bird That Did-But-Didn’t Fly Into Oprah’s Plane.

So what’s with the kamikaze plane-crashing birds? Is it some new kind of abomination? What next, locusts? Frogs from the sky?

Remember that bird that supposedly crashed into Oprah’s plane last week? That same bird that turned out not to be a bird, but a “fatigued” windshield that just gave way on its own? ‘Member that?

Well, turns out that bird-not-bird re-routed itself. In a ‘where da party at?’ move to rival the best skanks on the Sunset Strip hoe stroll, said bird knew where to go.

Per Liz Smith’s column in the New York Post:

JAMIE FOXX almost missed New Year’s in Miami, at the fabulous Delano Hotel. The Oscar winner’s chartered plane was stalled for hours in Los Angeles, after a bird crashed through a window – shades of Tippi Hedren! Finally, the window was repaired, and Jamie and six pals made it to Miami where he hosted the hotel’s New Year’s bash.

Either this is the makings of a brilliant urban legend, or that’s one helluva drunk-ass, celeb-stalking bird.

But then, of course it would hit Jamie’s plane.

That would be so…Unpredictable.

Rumor has it the bird was devastated that Jamie wouldn’t snatch off its feather panties and offer up a taste of Crissy, so it went for the windshield.

A groupie’s gotta do what a groupie’s gotta do.

New York Post: Liz Smith
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