*Insert ‘The Daily Show’ Theme Music Here*

The Oscars are gonna be soooooooooooooooo cool this year. First there’s Brokeback Mountain (and you know it’s so gonna get nominated because that film was undeniably good), and now there’s Jon Stewart.

And we LOVE Jon Stewart. We go to bed with Jon Stewart every night. Nothing comes between us and Jon Stewart…except those funky-ass reruns he’s had on all this week. And Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights when he doesn’t come on at all.

Per Steve Pond’s Oscarbeat:

For the past couple of months, Oscar producer Gil Cates’ search for an emcee has sometimes seemed to belong under the “Daily Show”-style heading “Indecision 2005.” Last year’s host, Chris Rock, was not asked back; eight-time host Billy Crystal said he declined an invitation because of his busy schedule. Published reports claimed that negotiations were underway with Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin, though those were never confirmed.

The 43-year-old Stewart does not have an extensive movie career, an attribute Cates generally prefers in his hosts. Stewart has appeared in a handful of films, few of which were Oscar material: “Death to Smoochy,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and “The Office Party,” among others.

But the barbed political humor of his nightly show on Comedy Central figures to make Stewart a perfect fit for the Oscars, especially in a year when many contenders–including “Brokeback Mountain,” “Good Night, and Good Luck, ” “Crash,” “Munich,” “Syriana” and “The Constant Gardener”–feature political and social themes.

The Oscars are gonna ROCK. No offense to you, Chris Rock. You did a fine job last year. I thought you were great.

But this is Jon Stewart.


Steve Pond: Oscarbeat – And The Mike Goes To
Comedy Central.com: The Daily Show

5 thoughts on “*Insert ‘The Daily Show’ Theme Music Here*

  1. >It's gonna be interesting, but you have to admit…Chris Rock kinda stole the show last year…even though everybody knew Jamie Foxx was gonna win for "Ray". He represent'd, no doubt and made you think. Just like the greatest comic of all time, Richard Pryor used to do. Rest In Peace, Brother Richard.


  2. >I agree, Chris ROCKED it last year, but he was too live for that stick-up-the-ass Oscar crowd, much of which is very old guard. They want Broadway, not "Live on the Sunset Strip." Richard could have never hosted the Oscars (which he, of course, never did) because he would clear the room, even though the tv audience would have been given the show of a lifetime. Chris came close to that, putting on blast all the tomfoolery of the business. He was totally right about Jude Law. I think Jude's a good actor, but he's not The Second Coming Sean Pean made him out to be (when Sean reacted to Chris' comment). Hollywood takes itself seriously on Oscar night, and Chris Rock skewered Hollywood instead, so he had to go. They should have known that's what he'd do. It's like inviting Mike Tyson into your bed for a nap and being mad when you wake to find him on you, pounding away. There's no point in tussling. You just lay there and take it. Hollywood should have just laid there and taken it when Chris hosted last year. They might have enjoyed it more. (Uh-oh…I'm sure someone is going to blast me for that!!)


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