7 thoughts on “>SexLiesMurderFameSexLiesMurderFameSexLies…

  1. >Looking forward to reading your newest masterpiece next week as I'm going to DEMAND!!!! Barnes & Nobles, Borders, etc. to have it and in stock!


  2. >Yaaaaaaaay, Lance!!! We LOVE it when folks DEMAND to have our books. We We love using the royal "we." Makes it sound like there's a whole bunch of us, when there's really just me (…unless you count some of my alter-egos, which rear their heads from time-to-time; hey, maybe I can use the royal "we" without feeling pompous!). Yes!! Demand us!! WE love it!! Tell your friends to demand us too!!!


  3. >I'M THE AUTHOR, BITCH!!!!!! I WROTE IT!!!!!!! IT'S MY BOOK!!!!!!! AND IT'S GREAT!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!! I'M GREAT!!!!!!! I'M AWESOME!!!!!!! AND PEOPLE LIKE ME, DAMMIT!!!!!!!(sorry. my therapist makes me say that stuff.)Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. is written by Lolita Files and it drops on January 10th.And no, I don't have a therapist. But that doesn't mean that I don't need one…


  4. >aaaaawwwww lola baby… Auntie F*cker misses you…. watch out for her lola….make sure she takes her meds before she feeds you and your siblings…lol


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