>Get Your DVDs Offa Me, You Damn Dirty, Uh, Civil Rights Leader!!!


They go together like rice and…

Oh. They don’t go together? Are you SURE? Because the good folks at Wal-Mart seemed to think they did. Until people started getting up in arms about this very, er, interesting pairing.

Per AOL News:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is shutting down the system that creates movie recommendations on its shopping Web site after it linked a “Planet of the Apes” DVD to films about famous black Americans, including Martin Luther King Jr.

Wal-Mart said Thursday it had removed what it called the “offensive combinations” from a walmart.com page advertising a boxed DVD set, “Planet of the Apes: The Complete TV Series.”

Under a “similar items” section, the DVD set’s page linked shoppers to four films about the lives of King, actress Dorothy Dandridge, boxer Jack Johnson and singer Tina Turner. Wal-Mart later altered the page to link with television show DVDs.

I don’t know why Wal-Mart was trying to be all slick about it. It’s a new year. Just be honest about how you feel, don’t try to hide now that you’ve been outed. In honor of MLK’s birthday, just tell the truth. Say what we know you’re already thinking:

Black people are monkeys.

Futuristic monkeys who will one day rule the earth.

AOL News: Wal-Mart Halts Movie Tips on Web After Racial Flap

One thought on “>Get Your DVDs Offa Me, You Damn Dirty, Uh, Civil Rights Leader!!!

  1. >wal-mart, wal-mart….tssk, tssk, tssk…i can't say too much, my ass will be right back in your store soon…just fix the problem and uhhhh, you'll be forgiv'm. lo, ya kno'…if it wasn't for you…i wouldn't have known about this story. it just passed me on the radar screen. and for those who will have beef with me on going back to wal-mart, your asses will be there too…especially if it's a 24 hour wal-mart super center. hell, just add some condos inside, a post office, hospital & police/fire dept. game over. you could live there forever.


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