7 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs.

  1. >wow, they are beautiful lo. like triplets and a step-child. go figga, the black one to be the stepchild. WOW!!!! ANOTHER STORY IDEA…A CARTOON….three bad ass dogs, gets a homeless dog taken in and they treat him like crap and that dog (along with a homeless ex-dog groomer) goes on to compete & win the westminster dog show. like cinderella, doggy-style!


  2. >Lola (the black one) is actually the twin sibling of Brooklyn (the small one in the far back). They are the only two who are related. I've had Lola, Milo (the boy who is right behind her) and Brooklyn the longest (Milo for seven years, Brook and Lo for six years). The newest addition is Toshi, the big one in the middle. She's only 9 months old (I've had her since June 2005). Brook, Milo, and Lola are Shiba Inus. Toshi is an imported Akita Inu. All are Japanese dogs. They blend together very well and are one big happy kumbaying group.


  3. >Ettevy, Milo's the same size as when you last saw him. He's fully grown, and Brook and Lola aren't much bigger than they were when you saw them too. Toshi is like a T. Rex. She gained twenty-four pounds the first month after I brought her home. It's like watching your very own monster grow. I think (read, hope) she will max out at somewhere between 85-90 pounds. Just to give you an idea of the size differential, Brooklyn and Lola weigh 21 pounds apiece. Milo weighs 28 pounds. Toshi, at nine months, already weighs 70 pounds.


  4. >doggone lo…i hope you are a member of sam's club, costco, bj's or one of those member shopping stores. your monthly dog food bill has to be crazy.


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