>…And I’ll Take One of Those, Too.

>This is old news at this point, but I just felt like putting their pictures up because I think it’s so cool.

Vanessa Williams has a new man.

He’s a bit younger. About 13 years or so (younger, that is).

You go, ‘Nessa. Show ’em how it’s done, girl.
It’s so totally time the tables on this age thing were turned.

After all, it’s just a number.

You got that, Went?

3 thoughts on “>…And I’ll Take One of Those, Too.

  1. >wow…this is "new" news to me….i wonder how long she's been on the "down low" with this cat. hmmm, even when she was with rick?…ya think?…a lotta times after a break-up, there's some recovery then start-up again especially with kids in the household…but damn. how old is this story? do the math. i must come from under the rock more often.


  2. >This is a new story. I don't think Vanessa was the one who wanted out of her marriage with Rick. I actually heard her on the Howard Stern show earlier last year and she was talking about how she still cared for him and wasn't the one who wanted it.


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