Everyone’s An Author, Part Jillion.

Per today’s Page Six:

HIP-hop impresario Jermaine Dupri is shopping a book proposal to publishers this week. The Grammy-nominated producer and rapper’s memoir – tentatively titled “Young, Rich and Dangerous” – will dish on working with everyone from Mariah Carey and Usher to Bow Wow and kiddie rap duo Kriss Kross. Look for Dupri’s story to also dwell on his relationship with longtime girlfriend Janet Jackson.

I expect the most explosive part of the book will be the cricketine Dupri’s detailed reveal of the David Copperfield-esque magic trick he pulled to get Janet in the first place.

New York Post: Page Six

One thought on “Everyone’s An Author, Part Jillion.

  1. >Thanx Lo for the plug. Now I have never heard of this Nick Chiles but it is very disturbing to me when WE as a people make books about men cheating on their wives with other men NY times bestsellers and WE make books about a sistah's alleged sexual exploits with hip-hop music icons the number one book in the country, but we are not suppose to write about our lives in the streets. So I guess no one should read Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Claude Brown, or even Ralph Ellison. Street Fiction is part of the Black experience. Mr. Chiles needs to get off of his IVY LEAGUE white horse and wake up. Yes some of the Street Fiction on the shelves is terribly edited, and yes some of it SUCKS but so does some mainstream fiction, erotic fiction, historical fiction etc. Someone needs to call in a specialist for Mr. Chiles, one who knows how to treat the haterism syndrome. Although it may sound like I am a defender of Street Fiction I am not. I am a defender of freedom of expression, The real African-American experience and all of it's aspects. Maybe if more of the blue-veined society-beorgouis-Z read Street Fiction than they may be able to better understand why this mentality is perpetuated and then just maybe instead of just writing a check they will be passionate enough to try and do something about the upliftment of men and women that are living that Street Life that has become popular reading. Mr. Chiles stop the HATE and if you wanna really make a change than PARTICIPATE. OOPS didn't mean to call you out. Love and LifeJihad


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