>On Second Thought…

>Perhaps JD didn’t exactly have to pull a magic trick to get Ms. Jackson.

Her blue book value’s not exactly the same anymore.


Good for Nicole.

Not necessarily so for Damita Jo.

Thanks to Jihad for giving me the heads (thighs and ass) up on this. Big love, bruh. Check out Jihad’s new book, Baby Girl. He really knows how to bring it when it comes to a powerful and edgy tale.

(Somewhere in or around Atlanta, Nick Chiles is groaning over the plug I just gave you. Even if he doesn’t read this blog or know it exists, he can probably sense it. There’s room for everybody. The books aren’t the problem. Viva la variety. This is indicative of a greater issue, and it has to do with corporations and the bottom line. There should never be all of any one thing, especially when it comes to what’s being reflected as representative of a culture, but try telling that to the major chains and the publishing world, even though there are those who are willing to fight the good fight in support of variety—Team Amistad, yay!! Still, we don’t have to in-fight as a result. Once upon a time, I recall the Tonis and Alices spurning Terry. Everything old is new again. …getting off my soapbox now…)

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