Meet Silena Murrell.

The super singer signed to Universal will be dropping her debut cd this coming spring, but we’ve got her early. Her single, I Like My Man Hard, produced by blazingly hot producer Scott Storch

…is featured on the soundtrack (yes, THE SOUNDTRACK) for my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

Look for Silena to make appearances at some of my signings (and perform!!!). We’ll keep you posted on exactly where we’re going to be.

Silena and Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

They go together like hits and mo’ hits.

Silena Murrell Online Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

5 thoughts on “Meet Silena Murrell.

  1. >They just crank 'em out off a production line looking like that, don't they? I'm sure she can probably sing, but damn if she don't look like RihannAshantIara. lolStay on your hustle, Lo.


  2. >RihannAshantIara? ROFL!!! Now that's some hilarious shiznit. While you b*llsh*ttin', tho, Silena's got mad skillz. For real. And yup, Lance…I gots a soundtrack for the book. It won't be for sale, but it will be promotional, and will come with some of the books and may even appear at some store locations where you least expect it. Be on the lookout. It's got some hot sh*t on it. Pop, r&b, hip-hop, alternative…it's blazin'!!


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