Crack Lady, You Gon’ Hurt Your Back, Smokin’ All That Crack Like That…

The National Enquirer says Whitney’s rolling full steam ahead towards Cracktonia, as evidenced by this picture of her (snapped at 4am in the mawnin’) in a wig and a fur coat and pajamas with an armload of candy bars. Because nothing says crack comedown like a hot ass mink and a batch of Snickers.

Per, which quotes the Enquirer article:

The supermarket tab says Whitney’s voice is shot from years of cocaine abuse and she and her hubby, Roxbury homey Bobby Brown, are running out of money. The newspaper claims Houston, who underwent rehab at least twice since confessing on TV three years ago she had used cocaine, pills and booze, has blown through her fortune buying drugs and supporting a posse of hangers-on. And because she cannot record, no new cash is coming in.

But there is a bright light in this dire affair: things with Bobby are going quite well!

[…] sources close to Brown say the ex-New Edition crooner is up to date on child support payments to his ex-galpal and Stoughton resident Kim Ward, who has two of Bobby’s kids. Brown even made a whopping payment to the kids’ college funds last fall, ending years of delinquency.

“He’s all paid up,” said our spy. “But [Whitney] doesn’t look good.”

Brown’s Bravo reality series “Being Bobby Brown” has been renewed for another season.

So interesting how Bobby has emerged as the stable, family-focused breadwinner.

Bobby Brown, family man. Whitney Houston, crackhead. The role reversal is almost complete. Next thing you know, Bobby’s gonna be cutting gospel albums with Cissy and Whitney’s gonna be crashing Porsches into street signs.

In a fur coat and a wig. As she swigs from a bottle, sucks on a pipe, and chomps on a Snickers while singing “I’m Every Woman.”

National Enquirer: Whitney Tragedy – More Inside Track: Mag: Whitney back on drugs, looks terrible

3 thoughts on “Crack Lady, You Gon’ Hurt Your Back, Smokin’ All That Crack Like That…

  1. >This is just such a terrible shame. Poor girl. I guess I will always remember her from The Bodyguard and The Preacher's Wife. It wasn't so long ago that she was still one of the most talented beautiful entertainers in existence. How did this ever happen?


  2. >Say what you want – do what you will. If she never sings another note she is STILL one of the coldest voices in the 20th & 21 century… The beauty of being human is to evolve and rise from shit to sugar on various levels.


  3. >Very true. Actually, this is the perfect time for stumbling. The world is way more forgiving than it used to be and people are able to recover their careers and still be embraced if they can find their way up again. Hopefully that can happen with her. I definitely don't think this is her last act. Perhaps it's just the intermission (…if so, oh what an intermission it is!!)


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