Startled Jones: The Transformation.

Okay, I am officially in love with Gallery of the Absurd. They have some fucktastical shiznit going on over there.

For instance, these two pieces of portraiture (based on recent snapshots of Starlet) which seem to definitively capture the phantasmahorrical morphing of the ever-shrinking egotrix.


and here…

Per Gallery of the Absurd:

She looks like a very startled big-eyed alien. I hereby bequeath her a new moniker: Startled Jones.

They even offer a natural progression of how Mrs. Jones Reynolds will ultimately look.

Natural Progression

Gallery of the Absurd: The Strange Morphing Face of Startled Jones

2 thoughts on “Startled Jones: The Transformation.

  1. >see, i told y'all in the "STAR GROANS" blog she looked like an alien and sho nuff…there she is. hell, there was nuthin' wrong wif her big…just needed to cut back on the fried chicken, poke chops, tater chips, chocolate ice cream, COKE-COLA (sure downfall), cornbread, chitlins, pig feet, hog maws, red kool-aid, 'nana puddin', french fries, pizza, hot wangs, beef jerky (hey al, no pun intended), junior's cheesecake (well, i don't know about that one, jr. chzck da shit), general tso chicken, egg rolls, lasagna and whew!…collard greens.


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