The James Freying of America.

Seems everyone’s a fabulist. Even the man who claims a mouse burned his house down.

Per AOL News:

Was it really a mouse that burned down Luciano Mares’ house? Or was it just the wind?

Mares’ story of a flaming mouse that scampered from a burning pile of leaves into his rural home Saturday drew international media attention. Then on Monday, the 81-year-old told an Albuquerque television station that strong wind spread burning leaves, leveling his home of more than two decades.

But on Tuesday, Mares and his nephew stood by his original version that a mouse was the culprit.

Damn. Everyone’s looking for his fifteen minutes. Even 81-year-old men and would-be flaming mice.

AOL News – Did a Flaming Mouse Really Burn Down a Man’s House?
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