Oprah ‘Holds On’ To Frey’s Million Pieces; Blames Fuck-Up On The Publishers.

Authors everywhere did the Snoopy Dance as the absurdly-remote hope of being picked for the book club continues to live on.

A few of The Great O’s words when she called in to Larry King Live last night towards the end of the show, where the guest was James Frey, author of the recently much-maligned A Million Little Pieces:

We rely on the publishers to define the category that a book falls in and also the authenticity of the work…

I feel about A Million Little Pieces that although some of the facts have been questioned—and people have a right to question because we live in a country that lets you do that—that the underlying message of redemption in James Frey’s, uh, memoir still resonates with me and I know that it resonates with millions of other people who have read this book, and who will continue to read this book…

To all those people out there who have received hope from reading this book, keep ‘holding on,’ because the essence of that, I don’t doubt.

What does this mean for the larger publishing world…in this memoir category?

To me it seems to be much ado about nothing…the majority of the story is inside the clinic.

I certainly do recommend it for all…of the people out there…

So there you have it, people. Oprah hath spoken.

Don’t throw rocks at James, throw them at his publisher, which should have vetted the damn thing better in order to distinguish fact from fiction. Oprah still loves the book, and she still loves James, who, along with his mother (who joined him on the show), seemed to drop major loads in their undies as they listened with relief to Ms. Winfrey saying she still supported the book and believed in him. Larry asked James if he wanted to say something to Oprah while she was still on the phone.

Duh. Of course he did:

I admire you tremendously and, um, thank you very much for your, for your support and, uh, you know it’s, I’m still incredibly honored to be associated with you and I will for the rest of my life.

Wonder what it felt like to thank someone while sitting on a squishy mountain your own panic-born doodie. Maybe that’ll be the subject of James’ next book: A Million Little Shit Stains.

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