>Drug-Smokin’ Just To Get By, Stack Ya Crack ‘Til It Gets Sky High (Kids, Sing!! Kids, Sing!!)

>Looks like all that crack-attacking might have finally cracked the foundation of one of the greatest loves of all. (Y’all like how I did that with the ‘crack’ metaphor?)

Lloyd Grove details the possible crackup (I slay myself!!!) in his Lowdown column:

A Lowdown spy reports that the 36-year-old Brown – who shares a 12-year-old daughter with the 42-year-old R&B superstar – has been telling friends and acquaintances they’re splitsville.

The weekend before last, during a visit to the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Brown was spotted chatting up pretty women backstage while the all-girl group SWV (which stands for Sisters With Voices) performed along with male groups Guy and Blackstreet.

“While flirting with a bunch of women, they asked, ‘What’s up with your wife?’ Bobby said, ‘We ain’t together no more. We’re getting a divorce,'” says the spy.

Black love ain’t easy, but ain’t it beautiful?

Sing along with me everybody (to the tune of Kanye’s We Don’t Care…)

“We wasn’t ‘sposed to make it past fourteen years, joke’s on you, we’re still right here…”

(Oh wait, they’re splitting. Shit. I got caught up in the song. Oh, screw it!!! Keep singing…)

“We don’t care what people say!!!”

New York Daily News: Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: Whitney & Bobby may have made a split decision

5 thoughts on “>Drug-Smokin’ Just To Get By, Stack Ya Crack ‘Til It Gets Sky High (Kids, Sing!! Kids, Sing!!)

  1. >Lolita all i can say is with this you have once again tickled me to a point of almost upchucking my double quarter with extra pickles. Dont get me wrong I loved it going down but dont fancy tasting it for a second time. You know Whitney must be out of fucking control if a notorious doper who hasnt had a hit since gumby fades was in style or he smacked the shit outta her ( which of course is his perogative) says I'm cool and walks away from a woman that could pay for his and her habit .This has to be a first in the history of cocaine addiction. I have three cousins strung out on crack and I know like I know my name they wouldnt leave a broad that was capable of bringing home the yayo.But I tip my hat to Mr Houston oops I mean Mr Brown for trying to take control of his life , now if Steadman would cowboy the fuck up and leave Oprah alone african america can be at peace and I can make my run to be Mr Winfrey. Laugh if you like Lo but I would be Oprah's boy toy and would be completely faithful. Hell I would be a sex slave / servant ,but there would have to be an agreement in place cause I dont have insurance that would cover her being on top… sorry about that didnt mean to go on and on about my lust for O. I feel bad for the Browns and I dont mean my beloved Cleveland Browns either I knew they werent going to the play offs. Bobby and Whitney stood against all the odds that normally break up relationships domestic violence , funny looking children and drug abuse and made it through 14 years. Hell Jenn and Brad Pitt couldnt do half a decade, Jessica and Nick didnt last two years I believe those two never really loved eachother anyway. That was a fabricated relationship so that they could do that rotten reality show.Soon as the show gets cancelled the marriage does go figure.Poor Bobby and Whitney soul mates that were soul survivors.Ah Hell To The NAh the world must be coming to an end when two crack heads cant love each other ?


  2. >Aw, come on now, Sleezy. I've seen some of your girls. While quite a few are mad fly, you know you've had the occasional chick(s) that was bigger than Oprah, and I'd be willing to bet they've been on top!!!


  3. >well you have seen them but the world hasn't . But just to show you how true my love would be to Oprah I would make love to Oprah in time square while the apple drops Dick Clark could do blow by blow commentating while they did the count down and I would deliver on cue when the new years was cheered in…of course you are saying to yourself Sleezy you only got 10 seconds of hot loving in you and I didnt say I would start at the count of ten…. at least two U2 songs would have played and one Lenny Kravitz joint … The Divine Madame O deserves some slow love


  4. >Two U2 songs and a Lenny Kravitz joint. You're a riot!! I'm assuming one of those U2 songs would be "New Year's Day" (which is my all-time favorite U2 song, by the way; best intro ever!!).


  5. >of course Im on the eclectic tip … threw the Lenny Kravitz in there just cause other than Prince( we can call that elf that now cant we?) he's the funkiest mulatto male on da planet though if Alicia Keys decided to put her name in the race she would have a good arguement she is more masculine then both dem shorties … If the world dont know they need to recognize LOLITA FILES IS ONE OF THE WITTIEST WRITERS AND SOCIAL COMMENTARIES ON DA PLANET … fuck it why settle for the planet .. Lo you on some Mark Twain shit … proud to be a friend


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