Buy This Book, Or She’ll Beat A Bitch’s Ass!!!

If you thought the Star Jones Reynolds book tour was something, wait until this madness blows into your town.

[click image to enlarge]

Yup. Kimora Lee Simmons is coming your way in March, peddling her own special brand of wonderfulness, direct from her to you.

I have to admit, I do love her Baby Phat clothing line and have purchased a fair share of it. The woman does know fabulousness, if nothing else.

But she’s got a reputation for being very brassy and ballsy. Hey, you don’t get to be who she is by being a wimp. She knows what she wants and she demands it. If that doesn’t work, she just walks up and takes it.

Think I’m lying? Read this lovely little blast from last year’s past, an article in Vanity Fair called The Phat Life to see just how fabulously in-your-face Mrs. Lee Simmons can be. Enjoy. Fabulosity

2 thoughts on “Buy This Book, Or She’ll Beat A Bitch’s Ass!!!

  1. >Okay, I gotta give her props for this (even if her house is 45 times bigger than mine): "She doesn't need Daddy to buy her a boat—Mommy can buy her one," Kimora says, frowning.Right on.


  2. Well I suppose her come up as well as her fall down was being successful. She continuously discussed how women can go for what they want and can be as successful as the male counterpart, which there’s nothing wrong with that concept. But I think at the same time, you can’t forget that as a married woman you must also be A WIFE regardless of how successful you’ve become in your own right. By being a wife, you simply humble yourself in his presence as oppose to being the “I can do it by myself” attitude because then, what do you need HIM for? Go ahead and BE by yourself too. Men like to come home to the comfort of his wife not his competitor or business partner. How wonderful it would be for his beautiful, dream woman (smart and savvy and successful to boot) to stroke HIS ego as oppose to her always expecting him to put her on a pedestal only? This analogy of the Vanity Fair article (after all these years) has now have me looking at their then union in a different light…I think I get it now. My husband stated himself that perhaps Russell just got tired of defending her for her own antics or actions ( I think the arrest for the marijuana possession along with police chase was most likely the last draw). He was evolving while she was competing….and apparently competing with him no less, and eventually he being “the nice guy that he is” gave her the freedom and space that an ever so “independent” woman needs and as she most likely consistently did not let him forget (success making her a wife from hell perhaps/obnoxious even to her own husband….you know things getting to her head). Who really knows? But I think my guess could be a factor :-/


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