Best. Sunday. Night. Ever.

(Okay, it may not be the best EVER, but it was certainly the best Sunday night so far this year.)

So I’m at the Laugh Factory on Sunset in Hollywood last night for Chocolate Sundaes, the “urban” comedy night hosted by comedian Chris Spencer.

Chocolate Sundaes is always fun and you’re guaranteed to get your laugh on and see a fair share of surprise celebrities gracing the audience. I don’t go nearly as often as I’d like, but I was there with my dear friend and fam Cortney Gee, who is an hilarious comedian and was one of the acts scheduled to perform.

As soon as Cortney finished his set, Chris and his partner Pookey Wigginton returned to the stage and began casually talking to the audience, as they usually do. Then Pookey suddenly announced a surprise: Dave Chappelle was about to take the stage. We (the audience) went straight bonkers. Seconds later, there he was, Mr. “I’m Rich, Bitch!” himself…

…on stage, smoking cigarettes and ripping funny after funny as we sat there simultaneously mesmerized and busting up in hysterics. (All I can say is “Yogi Coudoux.” That was the running theme of his entire hilarious act.)

Chappelle was up there for a good long time, giving us more laughs than we could have hoped for…

…in addition to getting quite frank about what ran him off Comedy Central. (Not the rumored Dark Crusaders, he clarified. “They weren’t dark at all,” he said. “In fact, they were quite light. It was white people.”)

Afterwards, Cortney took a picture with the highly-likable Mr. Chappelle.

It was a real dream of an evening. First Kobe Bryant scores a jaw-dropping 81 points

…and then Dave Chappelle takes the stage?

It doesn’t get any more magical than that.

7 thoughts on “Best. Sunday. Night. Ever.

  1. >Hey Lolita,cortney is my boy. He is also my brother, however I did not escape the dating/f***ing side of him..we came out of it best friends, some people aren't meant to sleep together. He speaks very highly of you, tell him to holla at you about my writing. If he is still on the west coast, tell him to wake his ass up and call me. *tanya in Detroit, by way of Cleveland.


  2. >Dang Lo – Sunday way hot as hell in LA!!! You all were blessed with the best. I've seen Cortney Gee rip it in the Big Easy right before Katrina and At the Improv. He is a comedeic, hilarious, psycho pimp! Muckh love to you Cortney! Dave Chappelle is OC, i'm sure yau'll have a blast!!!


  3. >It was big fun, LBoogie. One of those days you don't see coming. It feels just like a regular day, then extraordinary things start popping up out of nowhere. You have to catch your breath, then you ride with it. You're right, Cortney is both hilarious and psycho. Oh yeah, and a pimp. But then, aren't all pimps psycho and hilarious?


  4. >Thanks, LBoogie!! You just said the words an author loves to hear more than anything in the world (uh, other than, "Your check is on the way"). I really appreciate your support, and extra thanks for checking out my blog. We love having you here. ("We" being me and the people in my head.)


  5. >Hey Big Sis -That best Sunday ever sure did look like big fun, reminds me of another great Sunday….remember 5 hours at the Red Lobster. Long time no speak, your lil SisTanisha aka "Da Midget"


  6. >Tanisha!!!!!!!!! So good to hear from YOU!!!Cort and I were just talking about you. And yes, I definitely remember those five hours in Red Lobster that Sunday. I've got a pic of it on my wall. We were straight NEGROES that afternoon…must have eaten every snow crab leg in the place. Remember they tried to bring us just a few at a time in the hopes that it would slow us down? But there were too many of us (at least ten, after Paula and her crew joined us), so we kept sucking 'em up. Had crab shrapnel all over the floor. Shortly after that (a week later, I think), Red Lobster stopped the "All-you-can-eat Snow Crab" special completely (I think we played a major role in that). Even funnier, the Red Lobster where we dined—the one on Wilshire near La Cienega—SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY!! It's GONE!! I fell out when I noticed it was no longer there. Whoever heard of a Red Lobster closing up shop, in LA's famous Restaurant Row, no less!! We did them dirty. Cleaned them out.

    But folks should know never to say "All-you-can-eat" and "crabs" in the same sentence in a city where there's a fair contingency of black folks.That's not a racist statement. That's just the truth as I've observed it (and yes, it also applies to me). Test it out for yourselves, people. Set out a bunch of crabs (preferably steamed blue crabs, garlic crabs, snow crab legs or alaskan king crab legs) and some butter for dunking, and invite an equal number of white people, black people, red people, and yellow people. Watch who goes for the crabs first. Watch who eats the majority of them. Watch who leaves shrapnel on your floor. See if your place won't smell crab funky for days. Seriously.I once went to a First Friday in South Florida years ago, and they had a buffet of garlic crabs. I was astonished. Who would do such a thing? For those of you who don't know what a First Friday is, it's a mixer that takes place in several cities across the U.S. on the first Friday of the month, an event where African-American professional singles can meet after work, have drinks, network, and possibly meet someone worth getting up with. Lots of well-dressed, well-groomed, sophisticated men and women. Well, the crabs were like kryptonite. The crowd was powerless against them. Soon the room was filled with men in Hugo Boss suits with crab juice running down their arms as they sucked at the shells to get at the last bits of meat. Beautiful women in the daintiest, flyest of outfits had crab shrapnel around the corners of their mouths. People had crab breath. The whole room was crab funky. It was sad. So sad. Truly something to witness.

    Tanisha, we have to reconnect soon. Hit me at the Soul address.Much love, lil' sis!!


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