Emily Runs Out Of Reasons.

ABC has snatched what was supposed to be Heather Graham’s high-hoped catapult into Sarah Jessica Parkerville clean off the airwaves after just one episode. Because shit is shit, and shit stinks like a mofo, and the execs at the Home of the Housewives hoped to disinfect the place before you could notice the stench.

Per TMZ.com :

ABC committed to the big promotional campaign before even seeing a script for the show, said ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson on Saturday. The series turned out to be a dog creatively, he indicated.

“Once we saw it was not launching, we felt like unfortunately it was not going to get better and we had to make a change,” McPherson said.

It’s okay, Heather. At least you still have your film career. And considering the way you really threw yourself into your role in the skintastic thriller/bump-ugliesfest Killing Me Softly

…there’s definitely a place for you in the wild world of porn.

TMZ.com: News – ABC Defends Cancellation of ‘Emily’s’
Emily’s Reasons Why Not

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