Karu F. Daniels ROCKS!!!

…and I plan to name ALL my babies after him. Karu the First, Karu the Second, Karu the Third. Umma stay knocked up just so folks will always be calling his name.

Why all the Karu love? Because he HOOKED A SISTAH UP!!! He’s supercool peeps anyway, just a great guy all around and an excellent entertainment journalist, well-known for the many years The Ru Report appeared in the EUR and on the EUR’s website. Now he’s doing big things over at AOL and their Black Voices division, and is always up on the most current haps in the entertainment world.

And today he featured yours truly—(*bowing*)—and all the good stuff we’ve got going with my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

…in the BV Entertainment Newswire, and he gave me prime real estate to boot!! Top billing!!

Here’s a partial screen shot of the wonderful madness:

[click to enlarge]

And you can read the whole thing right here:

AOL Black Voices: BV Entertainment Newswire

We’s feeling mighty happy right now. We’s doing the Snoopy dance.

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