Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Film Trailer!!!

How cool is this? The wonderful folks at Team Amistad and HarperCollins shot a fantastic little trailer as a teaser for my new book Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

You can check it out right here (you can choose to save the file to disk or open it using Windows Media):

The song playing throughout the trailer is Silena Murrell’s I Like My Man Hard

…the lead single from the Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. soundtrack.

(Big ups to my girl, the lovely and talented Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood

…for providing the sound bite at the end!)


4 thoughts on “Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Film Trailer!!!

  1. >heyyyyy, nice trailer. very ingenious. i've never heard of anyone doing that before…for a book? wait-a-minute?! you haven't killed anyone before have you?… ;-0


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