>The Magical Mystery Tour: Inside The Head Of A Delusional Man (Part 1)

>Check this out, people. (Ladies, you in particular need to pay attention.)

See this? You see it? This is the face of a man who thinks he’s about to get PAID. Well, more paid, for as we already know, he’s been getting paid like a mug, even as he secretly siphons off cash from assorted ATMs in the Greater Los Angeles area on a regular basis…

…thus ensuring his backup stash of liquid funds is set when the day arrives that his luck runs out. And it will run out. All stupid women eventually come to their senses, although they might be a little lot lighter in the purse and strapped with a some babies for their troubles. (No offense to stupid women. We’ve all been a little loopy for love at some point or another. What separates us is how long our loopiness lasts. Check yourselves. If this sounds like your man, gitdafugout..NOW.)

Back to this fool. The top picture is a screenshot of him in the studio, playing for you what he believes is a bonafide hit, his first single, PopoZao, from his imminently-shitastic cd “whateverdafuck,” (seriously, do you really care what it’s called?), coming to you much sooner than the law should allow. (Speaking of which, how come shit doesn’t have a speed limit? It should only be able to travel at a certain pace to allow folks a chance to get out of the way.)

Anyway, check out Kevs digging on his own (he believes) Billboard chart-topping brilliance. This is incredible, and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Enjoy!!! Don’t laugh so hard that you spit up on your screen.

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