To Live And (Almost) Die In L.A., Part 3: A Possible Explanation.

Is Michael Ealy up for grabs?

Did he and Halle split? (Not that they ever acknowledged they were together.) Is this old news and I’m just now catching on? I’d heard various reports of on-off-on regarding them, but I could have sworn they were still dating.

Per Page Six, I guess not:

HALLE Berry is hot to trot for studly Versace model Gabriel Aubry. Our spywitness spotted Berry, 39, all over the 30-year-old male mannequin at a cast dinner for the movie “Perfect Strangers” hosted by Bruce Willis at the Soho Grand. We’re told the enthusiastic Oscar winner and Aubry smooched and touched each other during the entire meal. After their lip-smacking supper, the lovebirds slipped upstairs to Berry’s suite, presumably for dessert.

I wonder if women have started to step to Ealy now that he’s Berry-free. Perhaps that explains what happened to The Notorious P.R.I.

Maybe everybody’s favorite shot-up Prius was being driven by some Hollywood skrat (skank+rat) trying to kick some stank Mike’s way, when suddenly Storm jumped out the bushes and commenced to spraying.

Just because Storm Halle’s not with him anymore doesn’t mean she set him free. I mean, seriously…is any man ever truly free from Halle Storm?

New York Post: Page Six: Berry Hot Dude
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Previously: The Lo Zone: To Live And (Almost) Die In L.A.

8 thoughts on “To Live And (Almost) Die In L.A., Part 3: A Possible Explanation.

  1. >the last i heard they split, but "both" of their camps admitted back last summer that they were an "item" again…then, came the preggo rumors. unless, she's spittin' out jellybean-size babies, she's as small as sanaa lathan (another nasty baby rumor…i think). maybe they're splitsville again and this model is the new "in" thing.interesting to note: i ain't seen halle with a darkie on film, since eddie murphy in "boomerang" and in life, i heard wesley "BOO!!!" snipes was on it once. but check the file. david justice (yella), eric benet (yella), michael ealy (yella) and now, some euro trash model (probably whitey!)…come back halle the black bruddas still love ya!!!!


  2. >Oh, Lance. You're just being anti-yella bruh today. Don't worry. The brown and black brothers will always get love. But Mike Ealy is definitely yumtastic. I might not shoot up a Prius for him, but I'd definitely throw a rock at one.


  3. >Lance – i love chocolate and thank God it comes in various shades… and damn i didnt really notice the color of his eye lance – you on it – huh (smile)


  4. >i love you too my sistahs..xoxoxox frum the lanceman.. ;-*…relax, mike, we kno' yous reading lo's blog…good luck in your new t.v. show "sleeper cell"….have y'all seen it yet? hey lo, it's funny you should mention the prius blog, i just saw a carload of black folks piled up in one, just like yours, 'cept no bullet holes, rollin' down the street. i just started LMAO!!!!


  5. >Lance, I laugh every time I see a Prius now. The Notorious P.R.I. has colored my view of Priuses forever. I see imaginary bullets every time I look at one.And yo, Mike, if you are actually reading my blog…HOLLA!!!


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