A Million Little What-The-Fucks.

Yaaaaaay! This means I get to make at least five or six more “A Million Little (Something)” jokes!

Okay, here goes one:

That clicking sound you hear? A million little TiVos being set to record this show when it comes on this afternoon. (For those who don’t get to see it early in the day.)

I can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “A Million Little What-The-Fucks.

  1. >now that truth is told….frey will just disappear into the sea of normality as another rich white guy, whether he makes another book or not. hmmm, let's see. unless he kilt somebody and bang'd oprah….2 out 4 ain't bad for SLMF.where's oprah now, huh? i know her people HAD to get a whiff of the BV profile on you and SLMF. they gotta!


  2. >hahahaha….hear that kanye! put her on da mike, maaaan!!!!but, on the real tho' lo (that rhymes too!)….SLMF is really good and YOU deserve your spot on "O".


  3. >That's the tragically fascinating part, Shelia. It's amazing how much of what's going on with James Frey mirrors what happens in my new book sex.lies.murder.fame. (This isn't just a shameless plug.) The more my character Penn (who is an author, just like James) lies, and the more the lies are discovered (and, without giving anything away, his lies become progressively more horrid), the more famous he becomes. In The Age of Rewarding Bad Behavior, the villain is king.


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