Goofiest. President. EVER.

He just interrupted my regularly scheduled programming to do what was being deemed a very serious and somber press conference dealing with what to do about Hamas. Ten seconds into his very grave speech, right after he uttered the words, “We live in momentous times,” this shit happens:

He tried to ignore it for a good five seconds, but it was SWINGING IN HIS FACE, blocking the camera. You gotta give it to him. He did try to act like it wasn’t even happening. Finally, he had to acknowledge it, as ALL OF AMERICA saw it SWINGING IN HIS FACE.

Turns out it was a piece of faulty equipment that chose the most opportune moment possible to break on our illustrious leader. Hilarity ensues. Turns out that faulty equipment was also blocking the only camera facing the Prez, so the next five minutes of the press conference were spent like this:

Sorta took all the thunder out of his “serious” speech.

Let’s face it, people. Our country’s being run by the Keystone Cops.

Remind me again who voted him in?

(Hey y’all, if I’m missing tomorrow after making this quip, send help. Call Kanye. Tell him to say something about it on tv and on a record. Have a rally. Send fried chicken. Don’t y’all leave me hanging in the wind and let me go out like Tookie.)

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