(Sea) Monkey See, (Sea) Monkey Do.

Gallery of the Absurd brings up a very interesting point in its comparison of the ever-so-popular pet-that-always-failed-to- live-up-to-expectations of the Seventies: Sea-Monkeys

[click image to enlarge]

…and the celebrities that populate the tabloids.

Per Gallery:

Both Sea-Monkeys and tabloid regulars are promoted as entertaining and attention-loving creatures who live in a world of make-believe. Celebrity stylists, makeup artists, image consultants and agents all work together to transform a marginally talented person into a super-hyped entity that seems to transcend normal human existence…just as Harold von Braunhut, creator of “Sea-Monkeys” was able to transform brine shrimp into the illusion of playful and friendly aquatic simians who wore crowns and lived in castles.

Gallery of the Absurd then delivers a celebrity-based rendering of the Sea-Monkey ad. When you click the picture to enlarge it, pay close attention to what’s going on in the fishbowl. Heck, pay close attention to everything, including the text. There’s all kinds of good stuff going on in there.

[click image to enlarge]

So clever. So true. (And that bag of Cheetos the baby’s holding in the Celeb-Monkey pic? Priceless!!!)

Gallery of the Absurd: Celebrities are Just Like Sea-Monkeys

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