Wicked Good.

Saw Jada and her band Wicked Wisdom make their television debut on Letterman last night.

My gawd. They rocked THE HELL out of the Ed Sullivan Theater!!!

They were bonafide, headbanging, hard-driving musicians, and Jada sang her ass off.

All I could do was sit there and stare at the tv screen in wonder.

Big Ups to them for doing the damn thing and to Jada for refusing to let herself be put in a box. A lot of people were skeptical about the rock thing (I was one of them). Shame on me. The Letterman performance was bananas. I went online and ordered the cd as soon as they played their final note.

Give it up, people. A kick-ass rock band is born.

Wicked Wisdom
Amazon: Wicked Wisdom

One thought on “Wicked Good.

  1. >kewl to see that jada is rockin'…letting out her inner voices. i'm going to buy this CD for my daughter. she's "heavily" into rock music. i tried to sway her "a little" into r&b and hip-hop but her love is rock. so, like the beatles once sang, "let it be…."hey, whatever happened to fishbone and living colour? anybody kno'?


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