>All Hail The Jamie & David Show!!!

>I’ve been trying to post this all day, but I kept being distracted by business that demanded my immediate attention. But this day (or tomorrow) will not pass without me giving major props to the most excellent Jamie Foxx NBC special, Unpredictable, that aired last night.

What made this show even more exciting was that it was written and co-produced by The People’s Playwright, author extraordinaire, Hollywood’s newest kickass film director, the tall, handsome and choclotastic (all respect due his gorgeous and talented wife, Lyn), super-smooth

The sexy, Oscar-nabbing, Billboard chart-topping Jamie Foxx (whose cd, Unpredictable, as of today, has once again unseated Mary J. Blige’s The Breakthrough and returned to the top position) and NAACP Image Award-winning David E. Talbert together? How totally cool was that!!!

A stellar array of celebrated musicians came through to perform in duets, alone, and in collaborative performances, including Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, Angie Stone, Common, Snoop, and Game.

Interwoven between these fabulous performances were touching, bittersweet, and seriocomic theater-style skits depicting a young Jamie and his grandmother as she chastised and encouraged him through the life lessons that would ultimately lead him to his success today. Quite an impressive production. In the words of my favorite song from Jamie’s Unpredictable cd, it was a one-night Extravaganza.

The special will air again tomorrow night at 8pm EST/7pm CST (8pm Pacific). Be sure to watch it, or set your TiVos if you plan on being out. Heck, set your TiVos anyway. This show is so swole, it pops at the seams. You’ll want to watch it again and again.

To my dear friend David

Well done!!! Hollywood better brace itself for the likes of you!!!

NBC.com: Unpredictable
David E. Talbert.com

3 thoughts on “>All Hail The Jamie & David Show!!!

  1. >After the mass mailing I recieved demanding that I view it or the same dark forces that supposedly ruined Dave Chappelle would destroy my career ( as if my career could be further jeopardized by someone other than my own self destructive two baby mamma having ass!!) I bent to all the pressure and watched the fabulous musical entertainment minus white faces that is normally required on any all black ensemble… a trick networks used not to offend middle america.I could just imagine Micheal Bolton setting by his phone thinking … " Oh shit a black musical special , let me reach out to Kenny G and Micheal McDonald and tell them we are going to work on a song justin case Jamie bends and has to use a token."But J Foxx didnt and showed the world you can have old school jams new school artist and even Snoop D O double G in the mix and no one gets assaulted or arrested.Well I mean at least not at the show I can only imagine what the after party was like … can you say ORGY I bet you can, and from all Ive been reading Stevie Wonderman would have been on the top of the list as most likely to freakceed . I mean he is old blind and still making babies.I've always said it dont take a man with sight to find a hole … Stevie is a testament to my theoryKudos to J and Mr. Talbert on a job well done!!!!!


  2. >LOL!!! Have you no shame, making us picture our icons in such sordid situations? I don't want to picture Stevie poking for holes. When I think of Stevie, he's always at the keyboard. Clothed. And that's how I want him to stay. (Kinda like John Legend. I don't think I've ever seen him from behind a piano. Does he have legs?)


  3. >i like my icons to be sordid as a matter of fac t if a mufucka aint indecent he can be an icon of mine.Clinton, Martha Stewart, and Jessie Jackson major iconic figures did dirty deeds one gets a blow job in the white house the next scams on stocks and the other is a married reverend with a wife and a babies mama.My new heroes are those twins from american idol … they can sing good enough to impress Simon and forge good enough steal a brand new dodge magnum.


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