>Look Who’s Pop-Lockin’

>This morning when Good Day LA was ending, as co-host Dorothy Lucey and guest host Henry Winkler tried to give the last details of what the haps were around town, Tupac’s song California Love began to play.

And you know what happened next:

[click image to enlarge]

Look at her go.

[click image to enlarge]

She’s in her own world, y’all.

Is this what black dick’ll do for a girl? Dang. Looks like I need to get on the stick.

Good Day LA: Jillian Barberie
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3 thoughts on “>Look Who’s Pop-Lockin’

  1. >hmmmm….a new way to hollywood?work your way into the biz by being in t.v. news? not a bad idea, when you're effectively in everybody's face, all the time and get treated with some celebrity status around town because of the access. and if you got some acting skills, you never know….


  2. >Jillian, to her annoying credit, has become bigger than just the LA area. She's managed to parlay her hip party girl persona into a steady gig as the weather girl on the NFL on Fox Pregame Show, she was on the short-lived sitcom Good Day, Miami, she was the host of a skanktastic show called EX-treme Dating (where the final destination of all the dates was the hot tub), she had a short-lived show on FX called "The Test" (one of those "celebrity" roundtable bs type thingies where they talked about nothing, but all roads ultimately lead to the discussion of sex), she's guested on a gang of shows and is popular with The Man Show-type crowd (The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, etc.). She's also currently starring on the surprising new hit, "Skating with Celebrities," where she and her skating partner are currently top dogs in talent. So yeah, you're right in that you can work your way into the biz by starting in tv news. There are a number of hosts, actors, and actresses who have done this. It a great way for producers to see how telegenic you are and gauge audience response to your personality. Go on, give that job as a local weather guy a try!! Next thing you know, you'll be a popular personality on The Today Show, have a series of cookbooks, a show on the Food Network, a stomach stapling, and a wife who's a respected journalist on a rival network. The possibilities are endless!!!


  3. >wanna see something "gut-busting" funny?….the new star jones with a two piece (no, not fried chicken y'all)…a two piece bikini or something like that…on the front page of a tabloid (hell, they're all the same) they gotta shot of ms. thing, belly out what looks to be tummy staple scars….i thought she lost weight, the old fashioned way, diet and exercise. not good y'all. be sho' to cover your churren' eyes when you're in the supermarket line or at wal-mart.


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