Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Soundtrack, Part 2!!!

They’re here!!! They’re here!!! The Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. soundtracks are here!!!

Ain’t they purty?!! This is the front:

[click image to enlarge]

And this is the back:

[click image to enlarge]

It’s the perfect accompaniment to my oh-so-entertaining novel


The soundtrack—produced by the PHENOMENAL Al “Butter” McLean of Cedar Park Entertainment—has pop, R&B, and hip-hop (including, of course, the Scott Storch-produced killer lead single, I Like My Man Hard, by the spectacular Silena Murrell)…

…plus two audio excerpts from the book, read by the delicious, deeply-reflective, super-saavy, multi-talented actor/writer/producer, a man I’m proud to call my very good friend…Mel Jackson.

So we’ve gotta celebrate this, people. I want you guys to share in the magic that is this wonderful, wonderful piece of cross-marketing goodness. To that end, I’ll be giving away twenty soundtracks on this blog over the next two weeks, but I plan to do it in the form of contests of sorts. Whatever strikes my fairly-silly fancy. I’ll try to make it fun and (sorta) simple for you to win. Something to get the camaraderie going up in this spot and coax the readers who hang out anonymously in the background to step forth to be momentarily seen and/or heard.

Okay, here’s our first contest. I think it’ll be quite a hoot. It’s called:

“I Can Lie Just Like James Frey”

Here are the rules: The most moving, funny, or powerful personal experiences (outrageously fictitious, of course), no more than 200 words, e-mailed to me at (NOT in the “comments” section on this blog) will receive an autographed copy of the soundtrack (signed by both me and Mel Jackson). I’ll be giving away five cds this go ’round (then I’ll do a different, goofier contest), so step forward people. Oh, and I’ll do a post of those five winning fictitious personal experiences on this blog. So don’t be shy. What’s there to be timid about? It’s not like it’ll be the truth.

C’mon, flex the liar in you!! The world is full of fabulists, why shouldn’t you get in on the fun? Who knows, maybe some literary agent or publishing exec is out there in cyberspace anonymously reading my blog, just like you (trust me, they are). He or she might notice your sensational little fairy tale and suddenly see dollar signs. Next thing you know, you’ve got a book deal and your own media-storm of attention. You too can be the next James Frey!!!

Hey, don’t knock it…that bastard’s RICH.

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