5 thoughts on “>The (Not) Chocolate Factory

  1. >They've been curiously quiet, it seems. Perhaps it was also their secret hope to see a Chawklit Nawlins. Hey, they should make that a drink! It could compete with the world famous Hurricanes everyone gets smashed on when they go to N.O. Hmmm, what would be in a Chawklit Nawlins? The high-end version would probably be Crissy, a shot of Godiva white chocolate liqueur, a matching shot of Godiva dark chocolate liqueur, and a splash of Belvedere. But I say we shoot for the street version: some Nestle's Quik (chocolate milk), Hpnotiq (I know it's a clash of the taste buds, but since when have we ever cared about that?), a quick slosh of some cheap-ass brandy (Raynal would be perfect for this), and a pinch of red Koolaid. Shake wildly. Chug. Fall the fuck out.


  2. >hey lboogie…it's free enterprise babycakes….DAMN! i wished i thought of that. i hope it's a brudda collecting the loot! it's gonna be good for a minute, then get old, but wait…mardi gras is comin'…aw, hell! CHA-CHING!!!!


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