Toshi’s Fifteen Minutes

Let’s face it: everybody wants to be famous. That includes my Akita, Toshi, who, in a desperate attempt to make it on the blog today, began to do a stupid pet trick, but got lazy and settled for this:

It’s Friday and I’m feeling generous. I’ll let her have her few moments of fame. Speaking of fame, have you bought my new book yet?

Well? What are you waiting for? Go get it!! (Or click the above link and order it while you’re sitting at the computer.)

Oh yeah, did you know that every time you buy a copy of Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., an angel gets its wings? Or maybe an angel gets some sex. Okay, maybe that doesn’t happen, but who can prove it? I do know this much: every time you buy my book, I get that much closer to a new pair of Blahniks.

Buy a book. Shoe an author. Hey, at least I’m being honest, unlike some people…

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