Industry Rule Number 4081: Hollywood Loves Itself A Black Man In A Fat Suit And Drag

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

No. 1 at the Box Office with $21.9 million

The Nutty Professor (1996)

No. 1 at the Box Office with $25.4 million


I don’t think so. It’s a conspiracy, and I’m not the conspiracy theory type.

But ever since Mandingo had his way onscreen with Missy and America caught a glimpse of unleashed black male power meat rasslin’ with a white woman…

…Hollywood’s been trying to mammify the black man ever since. Of course, there are exceptions. Will’s been able to get away with not having to go all plump-and-drag on us. He’s so incredibly likable, America didn’t even flinch when he showed us his ENTIRE ass in that shower scene at the beginning of I, Robot.

But Will’s an exception. And so is Ice Cube.

No, I definitely can’t see Ice Cube putting on a fat suit and a dress. He’ll shoot a muhfucka first. But brothers, beware. This is fast becoming the measure of success for a black man in Hollywood. You’re nobody till you’re in a fat suit and drag.

I wonder how Terrence Howard’s gonna look in one.

He’s so damn pretty. He’ll make a gorgeous mammy.

Nanny comedies lead weekend box office
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3 thoughts on “Industry Rule Number 4081: Hollywood Loves Itself A Black Man In A Fat Suit And Drag

  1. >we're on the same point, lo….but i think it's beyond the "fatness". there's something hollywood loves about a "black man being a woman" period. think back to the 70's of flip wilson's skits of "geraldine" on the flip wilson show, which vehemently detested, later in life because people wanted to see "her" and not the real man. even in sports, we had "grand ma-ma" from b-baller larry johnson for converse, as well as martin lawrence again for "sha-nay-nay" (mispl, probably, but who gives a fuck) in martin. i guess we could see thru the martin "character" on the show because he played so many others but since his career has taken a downward spiral since "bad boys 2", was "big momma 2" done to get back into the game…..and make some money?and don't forget industry rule number 4080: record company people are shay-deeeeee!long live the tribe!


  2. >That's why I called this post Industry Rule Number 4081…out of deference to I.R. Number 4080 (I'm a Tribe fan forever). I think you're right, though. If Hollywood had it's druthers, all black men would probably be black women. What is it about you (black men) that so threatens the rest of the world?That penis envy thing is a muhfucka, ain't it?


  3. >but what if hollywood had it druthers and ALL BLACK MEN were BLACK WOMEN….well, with WHITE STUDIO films like GUESS WHO? & SOMETHING NEW…ALL BLACK WOMEN are jonesin' for ALL WHITE MALES. So, does that mean WHITE MALES really have the "brokeback, love jones" for BLACK MALES????yeah, i know….reaching for the dumb shit this morning!


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