>Kanye West Is The New Visa


He’s everywhere you want to be.*

Like on the cover of my newly-arrived issue of Entertainment Weekly.

It’s a pretty engaging piece, as all Kanye West interviews are, though a bit subdued and self-reflective. Still, what’s subdued for Kanye might be considered buckwild for someone else. You can read an online excerpt of the article here:

*Ironically, Visa USA Inc. just announced they’re dumping that slogan after twenty years in exchange for something that makes us see them as “more than just a credit card company.” (What else should we see them as, a giraffe? R. Kelly? Foot fungus? WTF? They program us for twenty years to free-associate Visa with a small plastic card that’s better than layaway, and now they want us to let go of that image? Fuck ’em. The die is cast.)

Kanye West
Visa to dump 20-year-old slogan
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