A Million Little Spewed Chunks.

I was going to post about the story Page Six has today regarding a Moscow-based newspaper that claims it discovered James Frey’s lying-liarliness first…

…until I got to this part of the article…

The eXile – which longtime PAGE SIX readers will recall was behind a putrid prank that involved hitting New York Times Moscow bureau chief Michael Wines in the face with a pie filled with horse sperm […]

…and immediately hit the eject button once I read that line. Ick. You’re going to have to find out the rest of the info on your own. Here’s the link:

Ugh. I still can’t get that image out of my head.

5 thoughts on “A Million Little Spewed Chunks.

  1. >hahahahaha…maybe that's why all those soupy sales' "pie in the face" jokes were so funny TO HIM. he knew what the "secret ingredient" was…horse sperm! DAYUM TRIGGER!!!!


  2. >An incredibly sharp-witted person inspired my "chunks" comment when she used the word in conversation on Monday in a way that cracked me up and made me do a double-take. I think you might know her. *wink*


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