>Our Light (Skin) At The End Of The Tunnel

>A little while ago on this morning’s airing of The Today Show, the conflictingly bubbly-yet-take-me-serious presence that is Katie Couric interviewed Best Actor nominee Terrence Howard. The exchange went a lil’ something like this:

Katie: You play someone who’s not a particularly appealing character in Hustle & Flow…a pimp…

Terrence: Yes…

Katie: …you’re the only person of color nominated in the…acting nominees, and last year five of the twenty acting nominees were African-American or people of color…so, do you have any reaction to that? Are you surprised?

Terrence: …I feel like right now I have the opportunity to represent the entire black race right now, the black artistic community, and, that’s just how it is, you know…we do the best we can…and just being a part of it, being their figurehead right now, and know (sic) the responsibility is there…and to have that whole galvanized support of that community behind me now…I think it…it increases my chances.

So there you have it, people. The black community might have lost one iconic lightskinned figurehead today (an immensely important and great lady for our times), but another lightskinned force has simultaneously risen from the ashes.

Give it up for Big T.!!! Holdin’ it down for the brown in Hollywood!!

(Alright Lance and all the brothers tired of the ‘lightskinned brothers are so sexy’ parade…you can release the Kraken of counter-commentary I know I’m going to get. Mel, if you’re reading this, I’m routing them to you. I’m not equipped to speak on it. Besides, I’m an equal opportunity ‘that’s a fine mofo‘ kind of girl.)

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2 thoughts on “>Our Light (Skin) At The End Of The Tunnel

  1. >Lance I feel you … and there will be a Switch and DeBarge Musical Special with Christopher Williams mcing the show … Big ups T for holding it down for the dark demographics … Thank GOD for you and Wesley Snipes as he most eliquently stated in new jack city "I never liked that pretty mufucka anyway"With those words and his impaling that Cynda Williams chick on Mo Betta Blues it ushered in the Cinema Dark Ages …Is there to be a light skinned revival? I dont know but what i do know is that Im not ready to give up all the progress the chocolate coalition has made ( dont think I can stomach another era in which Reggie Theus rules)


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